This gallery is dedicated to the father of perspective, Filippo Brunelleschi who (re)discovered perspective in c.1420 and to M.C. Escher 1898-1972 who was able to take perspective into another whole dimension, inspiring all generations there after.

Holbein's bold technique to incorporate a 3D illusion into a 2D painting has influenced and inspired artist and fans to change their perspectives of art, quit literally.
Here is an example of how that influence is still being appreciated five centuries later with a copy-cat tribute.
Bruegel chooses areal perspective in this otherwise surreal collage that was way before its time. Notice how the closer you look into the background, the more the story unfolds.
Today's art directors refer to 3/4 perspective as a "bird's eye view." It allows the view point of a picture to show more dimension to the focal point, as with food photography.
I wonder if Bruegel was aware of the irony in painting? Or perhaps the painting was more strategic and symbolic. Is that why he painted people atop a hill looking at the tower with a new perspective?
This painting was a gift for Queen Christina of Switzerland. The perspective chosen is also a 3/4 perspective, allowing the emphasis to be focused on the crowd.
Another great example of areal perspective is when an artist uses techniques to fade the use of color and detail at the horizon line, which gives the optical illusion of distance.
In this example of areal perspective the artist uses another technique. Instead of fading the color at the horizontal line, he blurs the details giving the illusion.
In this painting, Canal uses color to show depth of perspective. Notice how the gondola appears the closest to you because it is the darkest object.
Foreshortening also helps with the optical illusion of perspective. Notice how the foot of the angel carries your eye upward.
This is an example of one-point, or parallel perspective (as it is also referred) whereby there is a single vanishing point, parallel to the eye.
This is an example of two-point perspective, whereby there are two vanishing points.
My favorite pieces of art start with perspective but end with detail. I feel like perspective is the Christmas tree and paint, shadow, light and texture are the ornaments.
This painting is exceptional in that the artist used mixed medium to create a hybrid sculpture painting literally taking the stairs from 3D into a 2D painting.
Spend a minute zooming into this painting by Villaamil. Study the highest and deepest details. Then zoom out. It is so hard to believe that this is actually a flat piece of canvas. Remarkable.
Perspective quite literally forces people to think differently. The ability to think differently is where all great ideas come from - therefore, perspective is the birthplace of innovation.
Perspective pushes status quo, theories, laws and practices is disruptive. This excitement often causes a phenomena or movement in our culture which continues to factor into human evolution.
Without being able to think differently, we would not have landed men on the moon, or explored the depths of the ocean. Our imaginations allow us to dream and fantasize possibilities.
Perpective is also perception. For centuries artists have been using perspective to amuse, awe and entertain. Including, painters, photographers, theologians, and magicians.
Conder shows perspective throughout design principles of hierarchy and size relations in his composition by making the people larger in the foreground and smaller in the background.
Perspective is also important to communication. Even in modern times, google has created SketchUp so that people to draw 3D images that can mapped to their satellite images. See @
Culture will always push to find new perfection from old perspectives. It is how we make old new, it is how we make new innovative, it is how we evolve our race and specifies. A whole new way to look.
To illustrate how important print mixing and color are to the 21st Century, Oganer creates an ant's perspective of this fad and trend. The forced perspective subliminally makes a statement to us.
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