The Reality of Perspective

A look in the art of Perspective.

Look at this painting by Rousseau you will notice how the lines seem to draw your eye farther into the painting adding depth, this is emphasized by the scaling of the pillars and the foreground.
Again you see the use of lines and scaling to draw in your eye and fool it into seeing depth this time in a work done by Diego de Siloé
This time the lines and scale are not as noticeable but do you see the paths leading to the house or the size of the trees in the foreground compared to the background.
Here is one a little more apparent with its lines but none the less you still see that scaling and lines drawing your eye.
while the abrupt line of people in the foreground draw your attention right away the eye still moves with the lines of the background giving the illusion of depth once more.
Here we have a beautiful use of perspective. The roads and trees work together nicely and the rolling hills on the horizon off set them perfectly.
The use of the pillars in the background work great.
Wow he had to have used a ruler I mean those windows are perfect.
Again very subtle but defiantly there.
This I just really like and he does use perspective so two birds one stone right.
A master of perspective it truly looks like a long hallway.
Good use of tiles pointing to the family.
The flow of the river and leaning trees to bring your eye to center.
Very nicely done again drawing your eye to center then the hallway in the background.
Great use of scaling.
OK this is just beautiful, especially from an architectural stand point.
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