Heavenly angels

By: Raquel Arana

The reason why I like this picture is because the angel is suppose to be a the man's guardian. The angel is bigger than the man, which will indicate that the angel can protect him from anything.
What a blessing it is to know that angels are watching over us. The painter captures that statement. We can be sleeping or awake, the presence of the angels are always near.
The face of this precious angel is so sweet. Maybe she is thinking of how our Lord Jesus is good to us.
I love this picture because the angels are providing us what we need.They are giving food to God's people. The details in this picture is so real. Angels are all around us.
When I look at this picture,I see danger around the baby, but I see the baby looking towards the heavens. He is not worried. That is how we should be as well.
The annunciation of Mary is very simple painting but I really like it because if you notice the white dove close to the angel which I represent that to be the angel and Mary are both holy.
This picture is very unique. The painter had a vision of how the Virgin Mary and baby should look like and he drew it. I like the painting because no one knows how she should look like or even baby Jesus. He did a great job.
I love this picture. When I see Christ, I see him weary, but the angel is watching down on Him and barely touches His face. It seems like she is giving Him comfort.
Even when we face death, God will wait for us in heaven with open arms. The Maryrdom of Saint Lawrence is reminds me of that. The angels are around, and thats why I like the picture. The heavenly angels.
This is a picture of The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, a different version from the previous slide. I like this picture because the angel is bigger and heaven will await for his comings.
I like this picture because you see many people wanting to hold the child. The heavenly light above will indicate that it is baby Jesus with His mother Mary.
I like the colors the painter used in this drawing. The bright colors might indicate that the angel was having a good day. He put the flowers in his head to make him feminine.
When I think of angels, this picture would sum it up. This angel has pretty blue eyes, looking up towards the heavens that God created.
I like this picture the best because we can relate to it. Sometimes we are down and we always have God to lean on.
I like this painting because each peson blends with one another by light, going towards the heavens.
Credits: All media
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