Color Tells Story

Color in paintings, or in any form of art, do more than just add appeal to the eye. Depending on their arrangement and shades, they can set moods, tell stories that range from travesty to celebration.

This one i found was a bitter sweet setting. Here, we see love at its finest, as the soldier who left, returns, and the artist portrays a set of bitter yet sweet feelings.
This one, we see a battle ready to take place in the first world war, the heated atmosphere portrayed by the reddish/yellow lighting washing over every figure.
The painting's color here, shows the awe of battle, the shear chaos spread about as the sky darkens, creating a very dim, and grim feel for the entire piece.
This piece is easily seen as a dark and grim painting. The colors quickly showing their true meaning. The bodies of the fallen, mixing in with the dirt as the battle moved on. Glory is paid, by blood.
Here, this piece shows the war effort back home. A national shell factory hard at work, to create ammunition. The colors reflect on the hard blood, and sweat used to make these things that fuel war.
Here we see military Cavalry rage out in a battle, the coloring here presents a warm, bright, yet still dark feeling of the entire scene. It is a victory to some, but a tragedy to others.
This painting is a scene in greek history, excellently presented in a dark, baroque style. Dramatic lighting presenting important colors and figures, showing that death is on the horizon, and tragedy.
This is a painting set a bit back, for the revolutionary war. The colors are presented in a more vibrant type. The soldiers prepare for a midnight gathering, the day before christmas eve.
Here, this painting is another baroque style, keeping in a medieval remembering of the old paintings. Portraying a dramatic death of a general in the revolutionary war with dark and burnt colors.
This painting from 1865 presents a relaxing morning as the sun rises in Yosemite Valley. The colors are warm and gives off a welcoming feeling.
This painting's color are in another Baroque style, portraying a very dramatic story, pertaining to the Liberation of Saint Peter.
Here we see a classic style. The colors presenting a build up of drama as Perseus from greek mythos is armed by Mercury and Minerva for the trials ahead, Keeping a very dramatic and edgy feel.
This painting presents a semi relaxing scene where we see mythos Nymphs and Fauns interacting within the sunset of a warm afternoon
The painting here presents partly Baroque style as the battle of Pavia takes place within the scene, portraying dramatic colors over an entire field.
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