Implied Line In this painting George Washington's extended arm represents an implied line.
Organic Shape In this painting the clouds are organic shapes.
Texture The engraved surfaces creates texture.
Pattern The reppition of the bricks causes a petten.
Complementary colors In this painting the reds and blues complement each other.
Asymmetrical Balance There is more going on in the right side of the painting than the right.
Illusion of depth The dark valley in this painting creates the illusion of depth.
Radial Balance The design starts in the center and radiates outwars
Non-representational This work of art resembles no earthly figures.
Implied Texture The rough looking paint creates the illusion of texture
Representational The flowers are a easily recognizable figure.
Positive/Negative space In this painting the tree is positive and the background is negative space.
Monochromatic The flowers are monochromatic
Symmetrical Balance Both sides of the art work are the same
Scale. The people in this picture create a scale for the building in the background.
Contrast The white contrasts the black.
Movement/Motion On the right side Satan is pouring a liquid out wich creats motion.
Repetition The repetition of dots creates a picture.
Unity All of the elements bring this piece together.
Variety This figure has several different elements of art combined into one.
Actual line The features on this mask are actual lines.
Analogous colors The yellow and red on the bed are analogous colors.
Geometric shapes The figures depicted in this painting are geometric shapes.
Perceptual color
Arbitrary color Some of the colors in this painting do not naturally represent the objects they are depicting.
Proportion Everything is in proper proportion.
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