Burning Love                    (Matt Lithgow)

The theme of romance has always been one of bright vibrant colors. The color that has always stuck out the most was Red the true color of passion. 

A young woman admiring the precious humming bird on her balcony.
Two young lovers kissing passionately by the window
A couple at party or wedding dancing together know what they have been through and what they shall go through.
Greek mythological figure, Glaucus, admiring Scylla who is being protected by her little angel.
Photograph of a young woman in a red coat and pants playing around outside with a look of joy on her face, while she is holding flowers in both of her hands.
A man who is left broken hearted by the death of the woman he loves. bleeding from the heart while the fire in front of him representing his love still burns.
This Victorian style picture shows a woman meeting a suitor in hopes that they might be right for each other to join together in love and life.
An old woman tending to Aphrodite, while cupids watch from the heavens while other gods watch over the woman
This portrait is of a young child, who is dressed up to personify Cupid, the Greek God of love.
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