Gatby's Love 

By F. Scott Fitzgerald    Docent: Ava McHugh

"Then wear the gold hat, if that will move her; If you can bounce high, bounce for her too, till she cry,"Lover gold-hatted, high-bouncing lover, I must have you!". -Thomas Pael Dinvilliers Laced into the epigraph is a description of a hopeful young man trying to win over a woman by doing everything in his power to please her. This could mean putting on a golden hat or bouncing extra high.
(Universal Theme) Each person that inhabits this painting has an air of elegance surrounding them. It symbolizes societys finest which diretly relates to Mr.Gatsby and those who attend his parties. The universal theme of The Great Gatsby is Socuety and Class
(Historical Setting) This photograph depicts the fashion of women during the time period of The Great Gatsby which is the 1920s in West Egg and East Egg New York. I imagine the women attending Mr.Gatsby's parties dress in these clothes.
This painting reminds me of the party held by Mrs.Wilson in the beginning of the book. Drunken carelessnes is present in both works.
The women in this photo remind me of the way the friendships are in The Great Gatsby. The women tell eachother everything and many friendships are strong. Specifically, the girls that Nick and Jordan run into at Gatsby's party.
When imagining a party at Mr.Gatsby's home, this is exactly what I picture. The dancing, chatter, and number of people seem to be details straight from the book!
This work of art reminds me of the Great Gatsby because the story goes through many different changes in tone. Sometimes, it is happy and gay but can quickly transition into a more serious subject. This is exactly what happens in this painting.
The tone of this book can be described as ambivalent. While Nick seems to dissaprove of Gatsby's breaches of manners and ethics, he romaticizes Gatsby in a way that can't compare to his feelings for any of the other characters of the story. I chose this painting to depict his feelings because there are many different colors surrounding one man. These colors represent Nick's feelings towards Gatsby. (Text to World Connection) Nick does social networking at Gatsby's parties. This is like real life because many parties held are used to meet other for buisness.
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