Wisdom, or the use of wisdom for our own benefit is to have good judgement.  This is gained upon learning and listening to those around us or from books.  However, wisdom can also enlighten us to pain, fear, and difficult choices.  But to have no wisdom is to have no fear, to be ignorant, and insensitive.

Enkindu's gaining of reason is similar to eve and adam's fall from grace. They gain knowledge in exchange for Eden. I 195-200
Gilgamesh refusing to listen to his elders and Enkidu's knowledge and experience sounds unwise but in later days even a King divinely appointed governs and decides by himself. II 272-303
Uta-napishti like the sage in this painting who sits near a river, imparts wisdom to Gilgamesh on his foolish behavior and the reality of life and death. X 265-322
Gilgamesh finally wizens up as he learns that he will never attain immortality. The only things he can leave behind is his legacy the city of uruk as he brags about her walls XI 320-329
marji reads as much as she could because she realizes she was not as wise and did not understand why her parents were laughing. Yet laughed nonetheless. p.32
At school instead of key to life the maid's son is given the key to heaven and told if they die in war they will enter heaven. School is not synonymous to wisdom but is circumvented. p 99
This is an image of Galileo Galilei's infamous inquisition into his theory of heliocentrism. Marji like Galileo is subjected to an inquisition in order to enter college about her faith which has nothing to do with her wisdom. p.284
This art depicts suffering, the kind that marji suffered under the hands of the nuns. Marji's identity was called into question because she rebelled against the nuns for something trivial which they themselves did. The nuns soul is like this image, if you can't bend to my will then I will break you in any way I can. p.177
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