Color and Movement in URBAn art (GUSTAVO HERNANDEZ GUERRA)

      Hello, this is my gallery of urban art with paintings from different artist around the world. In general, this is a combination of urban surrenders with natural and organic paintings where the colors are the first aspect to describe in these pieces. Likewise, these artworks demonstrate a unique form of surrealism, expressionism, and abstract.

In this painting is possible to feel the colors, the simple warm balance between pink, orange, green, yellow, and so ford. This surrealism painting is a good example of the combination between natural and urban environment.
As well as the first painting, this surrealism artwork shows a good harmony with the natural and the cool colors in an urban environment. Further, it is incredible the techniques that the artists use on a wall in the middle of Mexico City.
This piece is part of the same movement in Mexico Citi, in this painting is possible to appreciate the surrealism style where the warm colors has a domination of the cool colors.
This artwork is different from the first three, in here is possible see a Pop Art style with more cartoony forms. In this painting, the gray colors and blue are combined to showing a more serious problem about water problems that some countries have nowadays.
In this piece, the solid color blue and the forms in black with white shows an incredible skill in form and perspective. This surrealism paint has a balance between color and natural & organic forms in the urban environment.
In a different perspective, this piece creates a balance between warm and cool colors where the forms and shapes lose each other. This is a good example of how the modern art and some techniques can apply in an urban painting. The organic forms and the colors are the explanation about this artwork.
A different point of view, this is an expressionism artwork that has a good balance between the piece in general and the environment around it. the colors are simple are solid. However, it is possible to see a big pink and purple shape that expresses the poor freedom that nowadays modern culture gives to urban art.
Furthermore, this painting was made in a rural environment, but the colors and balance are incomparable. The colors, in general, mix with the surrounding, and the organic forms follow the natural and rustic background.
On the other hand, this painting is closer to the traditional form of art, the colors and the forms that this artwork gives are the pop that shows an organic and natural shapes, shadows and brightness.
Finally, the last artwork is a combination of surrealism and abstract where the colors came more natural and less strong that the other paintings. However, this piece gives a better concept about natural forms, where organic shapes and animal show an incredible piece.
Credits: All media
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