Music and Nature

This is about artwork that shows the inherent musical patterns within nature.  From humans behaving in delight.  To wonderful pictures of instruments and their glory.  This art gallery is all about music and it's interactions in nature.

The Three Musicians shows how music can really enhance any scene. Imagine there being no musical instruments in this picture. Exactly. The musical instruments are needed to show how joyous the situation is.
The Tan Dun Portrait shows how a conductor is in the state of flow as he is leading his orchestra. Greate human interaction with music.
The Empire Medley is a smooth solid picture. The great white and black contrast bring out the beauty and elegance of this beautiful and elegant instrument.
The Sculptural ceramic ceremonial vessel that repre... shows how ancient music has been integrated into societies. It looks like this sculpture is a playing a fiddle.
The Gypsy Dance in the Gardens of the Alcazar outsi... depicts a slamming party. Musicians seated all around the dancer.
Baroque Natural Trumpet shows a trumpet that has stood the test of time. It is clear that this trumpet has been used many times.
The Miniature Natural Horn shows a horn that looks like the Nordic Vikings used it. This piece is wonderful.
The Ergonomic Viola is an instrument with the body that looks like it came from the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
The LU YANG Portrait shows a young asian female who is clothed in hip-hop apparel. This shows the cultural stretch that this genre music has reached.
The Matangi shows a spiritual or mythical being that is holding the bow of a string instrument. This symbolizes how music in history has been looked upon as heavenly.
Credits: All media
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