Natures Finest

This art gallery describes the beauty and talent of nature in works of art.

This particular painting is a scene of a beach front on Lake George in 1870. David Johnson did a tremendous job on this piece of art, the oil pastel makes the image look like a picture. The nature in this oil canvas looks real, even to the detail in the clouds. You can also see what appears to be a woman sitting on the beach on the left. The spacial imagery is mesmerizing.
This particular painting is rather unique. It consists of a field of flowers, however the flowers have imagery inside the painting that draw you closer to its creativity.You see doves in the painting, as well as what appears to be other birds and wildlife. There also appears to be insects in gold.
This painting is elegant, the image consists of a light green background making the image easy to focus on other key elements. Towards the bottom you can see there is a darker shade of green, like sunlight. The image is focused on this Pink Hollyhock flower. The amount of detail in the center of the flower is rather colorful, with everything else a shade of green the viewer is focused on the artwork.
This artwork is very abstract, there is a lot going on in this picture. You can see the spacial imagery in the picture, the artwork is done in spray paint and it looks beautiful. The image centers around the trees. There is a lot to be taken from the picture and the color and detail that went into this meant a lot to the artist.
This picture is symbolizes nature but has abstract elements in the foreground. You can see what appears to be finger people standing around this island territory in Korea. The artwork is an acrylic paint canvas that focuses on colors like green and brown. This painting was made in 2007 by Song, Myung Jin.
This painting is a hill side in Long Island, NY in 1859. The artwork was made by Andrew W. Warren. This particular painting focuses heavily on the homestead meaning thats the primary focus that the artist was using as his main image. He must have really loved his home if he was to paint this in such beauty and color.
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