The creatures sin before the creator-stanley mathews

This gallery includes renditions of the creation of Adam and Eve.The sin they both committed and the atmosphere it happened in. One sculpture, and nine paintings which takes the viewer back to the beginning of the creation. It also takes you back artistically to the Renaissance Period from the 14th century to the 17th century. Enjoy.

This is a vey fine picture of Adam and Eve before they sinned and thinking about it. With her hand raised she is showing signs of emotion
This beautiful picture of Adam and Eve well balanced with uniformity with them both covering their genitals with leaves.The attraction here that stands out is the picture of Adam, his skin is more red toned than Eve who is more pale which shows contrast.The symmetrical design of this painting is reflection. The apple is in the center of the painting showing a centered invisible line.
This is a very famous painting of Adam and Eve with vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and curved lines. The snake biting on the apple really catches the viewers eye, and also is the reflection of this great piece of work. They both have covered themselves with fig leaves not showing their private parts which demonstrates unity and they are shameful for the sin that they have committed.
A Gorgeous Black and white painting of Adam and Eve after they sinned showing their genitals covered with fig leaves showing unity. The serpent biting the apple and the tree in the center of the picture demonstrates artistic reflection.Both Adam and Eve are well shaped and both of them have curly hair which shows a balance on each side of the reflection. The animals in the picture are definitely noticed with motion, as Adam reaches out to Eve for the other apple in her other hand which also shows realism and motion.
This piece of work catches the viewers eye as Adam is shown holding Eve's breast and Eve is holding on to Adams shoulder. This shows unity. This also shows symmetrical images of reflection as the sign up above is the center point of the balance of this great piece of work. This also lets us know that some type of sin has taken place as she covers herself and Adam hides behind her to cover himself up as well which shows the same emotion.
This picture is well balanced not a lot of movement or motion. No variety and rhythm, and non proportional.It is very symmetrical with the line in the tree showing reflection with Eve on one side of the tree and Adam on the other side. They both are covering up their private parts with fig leaves showing uniformity. The movement is Adam scratching his head and the snake looking at Eve. The green sky in the background also catches the eye.
This is picture of Adam and Eve before they sinned. They are holding hands and maybe talking about committing sin' It has reflection at the center of this picture. The reflection is Eve's right hand lifted up reaching maybe for an apple.The lines and shapes are amazing to look at with a scope.Their bodies look almost real.
This shows Eve tempting Adam before they sinned. The animals in the background shows unity in this picture on both sides of the reflection.The right hand of Adam is the center of reflection.The background of this picture gives it realism.The artist drew vertical, horizontal, and curved lines in this picture.
This picture has formal elements, curved lines on the trees, horizontal lines on the body of Eve and curved lines on every element.The symmetrical principles of design are reflection with the tree and the serpent being in the center of Adam and Eve. Eve also has leaves in her hand showing that sin has taken place. Adam and Eve also have in their hand a apple showing an agreement to eat the fruit which shows unity.
This is a triadic colorful piece of art showing emotion, romance, and thoughts. It puts Eve's stomach at the center of reflection. The snake on her leg shows emotion and catches the viewers eye's and mind. The dark background makes the picture look real, and the blue sky and green grass also shows realism.
This black and white picture of Adam and Eve is full of horizontal, vertical and curved lines.They are both grabbing for the leaves showing uniformity and reflection as the symmetrical element of design. This is also a picture on a hill or mountain which shows geometrical shaping, and a illusion of movement in the background.
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