Ancient Egyptian Art

Erin Kidd

This piece is made of glazed faience and is meant to symbolize the marriage of Amunhotep III and Queen Tiye. It was created during the New Kingdom between 1390 and 1353 BCE.
Made of pink and black mottled granite, this fragment of a full sized statue was created between 2455-2425 BCE during the Old Kingdom. It is a sculpture meant to depict a king with the name Uraeus.
This is a granodiorite sculpture believed to have been created about 1971-1926 BCE, was found in an ancient burial mound south of Egypt. It was stolen from the tomb during the late Middle Kingdom.
Created between 700-400 BCE, this is a bronze statuette of Wadjet, who represented Lower Egypt. She and the goddess of Upper Egypt formed the name of the pharaoh to show unification. It is now located in the Israel Museum.
This was part of a series located in a chapel in the necropolis. It shows a band, including a blind harpist, playing for the dead. The limestone relief was created around 1333-1319 BCE during King Tut’s reign.
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