Colour to Accentuate Imagery

The colour in this picture helps to show the type of bird along with the branch it's sitting on. 
This abstract image uses very dark colours to contrast with the more light blues and yellows possibly symbolizing the artist's depression or abstinent feelings.
The colour in this picture shows the reflection of the town in the background it accurately depicts shadow with a darker shade of colours despite being a very light drawing.
The use of different shades in this picture shows the leaves of the trees in great detail allowing them to look more realistic as if they were seen during an autumn day.
I find the colouring on this painting absolutely beautiful. It looks as if there is a massive fire in the middle of the picture and that darkness from it brings out the rest of the painting entirely.
I've always loved the colours in this image. The first time I had ever seen it was in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and since then this picture has stuck with me as one of my favorites. The rich greens in this painting contrast so nicely with the darker colours that used for all of the people, and even the dogs.
There are a lot of light colours in this painting that help show the water and accent the fact that this is the ocean in the painting. The darker and lighter blues and greens help to show the waves along the shore and out to sea.
Though the colours are very simple in this picture they tell the story more so than the actual picture itself I believe.
In this abstract picture nothing but colour and shading was used to show all the different shapes and the differences in distance allowing your mind to wander while looking at it and your eyes to be drawn through the entire picture.
This is an absolute amazing abstract picture to me because it not only showcases the difference in colour that artists use it also shows their diversity.
Starry night has always been a favorite of mine and is a perfect example of colour doing more for an image than anything else in that particular painting. The darks beautifully contrast with the lighter colours bringing them out even more.
At first this looked to me like a crumpled up hot dog holder that was submitted to an art museum, however upon seeing the title and learning that it was supposed to be a city I looked at it more closely and I found the image the artist was going for.
I don't know what this image has to do with a football player, however I feel that the negative space in this picture accents the few colours that are in it.
I find this gorgeous and my favorite part of this image is actually the faint colouring of the tree in the middle of the picture behind the water coming down the middle. The hint that it's there by colouring part of it and fading it out helps make the water look like water and not a solid object.
Cherry Blossoms are my favorite tree, however since this didn't specify the type of blossoms I decided that it was good enough and I loved the idea that the blossoms were being taken away by the wind and the colours in this image helped show that perfectly.
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