Moods by: Isaiah Silveira

The title of my gallery is called moods. I chose this title because the theme of the gallery is about contrast and nature, and moods are great representation on what contrast and nature is. I chose this as my theme because contrast is a big thing when it comes to art, it's what makes your painting shine rather then be dull.

This piece is called Alpine Pasture. The scenery takes place in an open field with a shepherd and his sheep. The grasses different shadings shows a great example of contrast being used in this piece.
This piece is called Free and Leisure -10. This piece is placed at a pond. In this piece there are a group of men taking a nice swim. The different greens leaves in back shows a great use of contrast.
This piece is called Bank of a River in Bloom. This is by a shore with a beautiful painted flower patch. The gloomy mood being portrayed in this piece by the contrast of sky and grass grasp my theme.
This piece is called Water Lilies. The scenery takes place in the pond with a group of lily pads and flowers. The different shades of blue in the pond show great contrast in this piece.
This piece is called Undergrowth with Two Figures. This piece takes place in the woods with a women and men. The colors blended together in this piece really shows the contrast.
This piece is called Cherry Blossoms. This pieces scenery is in a temple with a blossom tree. The shapes showing the different perspectives of the wall behind the tree shows the theme.
This piece is called Autumn Leaves. The tree off in the distance surrounded by water is indicating freedom. The smokey mist around the tree and water has great contrast showing change in the weather.
This piece is called Animals in the Flower garden. This piece shows amazing art to the different hues and colors that were used and blended to show contrast in the piece.
This piece is called the hungry lion attacking an antelope. This piece shows very vibrant colors showing excellent saturation to the grass and in the antelope where the lion is devouring his neck.
This piece is called View from Stalheim. The colors used in the piece used to blend and make the mountain to show it in depth from a far and the change in color from mountain to grass shows contrast.
Credits: All media
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