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by Jason

This is a very realistic depiction of the farmers who probably had done a whole day of work harvesting a field full of crops. Some of them are lying under the tree to have a rest.
This caught my eye because it has a similar view with the previous one. Its style looked familiar to me. After I took a close look I discovered it is a piece by van Gogh. The brush strokes are iconic.
This is one of the very few pieces I have seen that is so dark and gloomy. Haven't seen many of these. How the artist painted the sky is very interesting to me.
Nice landscapes and very accurate presentation of ambient light. I zoomed in and discovered that the shapes of leaves and branches are distinct and use of color meticulous.
This reminds me of the function in iPhone's camera app. It is interesting how the artist can paint the view in a fresh way. Also the shadows are well-drawn and it must have taken him a lot of time.
I am amazed by the amount of details being presented. Despite the verisimilar food, the artist even presented glass reflection and distortion in the drawing. Very surprising.
Shadows created by sunlight and clouds and objects in the painting are very vivid. I especially like the color of the clouds and the shadows on them.
This is a super realistic drawing, in my opinion, very close to a photograph. The sense of distance and large pieces of shadows and color of the mountains and the shape of the clouds all impressed me.
In contrast with the previous ones, although this also has sunlight, it is being depicted in a more impressionist way.
This painting reminds me of the essence for a likable drawing: a climbable tree, a path that has an unknown destination, some grass, a village in the distance.
Credits: All media
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