feels what it looks like


most of the object is given a very fuzzy texture to it except some of the metallic looking parts of it.
The blue areas of the painting look rugged and rocky. the green areas give off a sort of mossy feel to them.
The Jar in the back looks smooth and shiny like clay, and the fruit look as though their surfaces are a bit bumpy.
The entire painting gives off a very metallic feel from its smooth look and reflective surfaces.
The flowers have a withered look to them while also looking a bit fuzzy.
The the fabrics throughout the painting like the dress and bed sheets look realistic.
Although painted, the portrait has a sculpted feel to it as if it was made with molding clay.
The base of the car has a furry look to it throughout, and the wheel rims and lights look sleek and metallic.
Everything looks realistic enough to feel like how it should in real life like the fur on the lambs and the grass on the ground.
From afar it looks like a floor tile with a flat and smooth surface, but up close it appears to look like weaving of fabric.
The surface has a very spongy look to it although the title of the piece is The Moon.
The overall texture looks very fuzzy.
Rugged and hard texturing is placed all around the painting.
It looks like strips of wool were used to make the entirety of the piece
The texture of the fruit matches what they would actually feel like.
Credits: All media
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