Blue: Peace of mind

A look into the color blue and how it can be used to create a tranquil environment. Created for Art history class.

The sky in this painting like many of Can Gogh's really draws your attention and creates a wonderful calming effect as you look into it.
Monet's snow in this painting has a beautiful blue hue to it tat really puts your mind at ease. I chose this piece because the blue is not bright, but it is noticeable and calming.
While not the happiest looking painting this piece by Camargo isn't very threatening and the blue really helps to push that effect.
The night sky shown here is very calming especially because of the different shades of blue and how they are used to create a sort of galaxy effect that is very peaceful.
Another piece by Van Gogh, the blue really draws your eye and again has a very calming effect that makes it very pleasing to look at.
Once again Van Gogh shows us his use of the color blue and how it can be used to create an almost sleepy look to the town. It is very peaceful and the town itself looks calm and harmless.
I chose this painting because of the tranquility of the waves and how they move really set the mood of the painting. Here the blue of the waves and the sky create a very peaceful effect on the viewer
Here the blue is lot more subtle and darker yet still retains that calming effect, almost as if you were out there at night looking up that the stars.
I chose this one because of the sky and how the deep blue really draws your eye and with the paint strokes allows you to feel the wind up on the hill.
Again the calm environment coupled with the deep blue sky creates a very peaceful atmosphere.
I chose this painting because the very bright blue of the sky and its reflection in the water really draw you in and again create a very soothing image that is pleasing to look at.
The sky peeking out form behind the mountain really set up the scene of the hills and create a soothing painting that really helps to calm the mind.
Here the blue is everywhere, almost the entire piece is blue and the waves really pop out and create a smooth swirling effect that is very calming once again.
I chose this piece by Renoir because while it is a scene with a lot of commotion the blue really stands out and makes this environment seem very friendly and welcoming.
the piece was chosen because I found the sky backdrop for the tree to be very breath taking and really allows the whole scene with the tree to become a very peaceful and enjoyable image to look at.
Credits: All media
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