The Works of Douglas Coupland - tiera thomAS

Douglas Coupland is a well known novelist and artist from Canada. His paintings involve different patterns and some abstract artwork. Included in my gallery I have 10 of my favorite paintings by him. 

I chose this piece as the first piece to give an idea of his style. He has sharp, jagged lines but its still a picture in itself. It looks like mountains in the background and trees in the foreground. According to the formal elements this picture could mean tension or anxiety.
Ive never really paid attention to the Northern Lights but this piece does do a great job of replicating the way the lights are placed across the sky. Despite the jagged lines it gives off a relaxing feeling as if you were looking at the northern lights themselves. The different facing lines to me symbolize movement.
This looks to me to be a rough landscape. Majority of the piece is sky which the colors give it a lot of personality. The sky gives off the element of movement because of the jagged lines that give off a direction. The proportion looks as if you were looking at this view from a low angle but not ground level. Everything relate well with each other so there is still unity.
This piece to me symbolizes chaos. It is titled as a campfire but I personally see jagged lines, a contrast of different colors and not a lot of space. Although there is a contrast of different colors it seems to work. The picture itself is appealing to the eye because of the emphasis of this campfire.
This is a beautiful landscape piece. The colors work very well with each other. Although you can't see the sun setting itself it is implied from the color of the sky that it is setting. The lines are still jagged but they are more going horizontal than anything. There is great unity in this piece that makes it feel complete.
This is one of the many different styles Douglas Coupland has with portraits. There seems to be rhythm in this paintings. The repeated circles and the varying sizes all seem to give you a constant rhythm. You almost start to think about the texture of the piece. There is the circles and there is the stars. The circles are more uniform the stars or more random.
This is another form of Couplands portraits. The title of this is Liquid Video Game Pop Head probably because of the colors and the random drips of paint over the womans face. The contrast from the black and white portrait to the paint of the womans face is very significant. I feel as if it symbolizes how some things can make your life less boring.
I personally love this piece. The lines in the landscape of the suns setting. The sun setting and the sky still holding blue skys and clouds with the red colors inserted reminds me of a true sunset. The straight lines to me means calm and relaxing. The blue dots as the sky are interesting because they seem to be even across the area if you remove what is supposed to be the clouds.
I've realized that Douglas Coupland likes landscape pieces. Also, most of them are of sunsets. The sun sets differently each time. I feel like he does a great job of capturing the many ways the sun sets. The colors and the space work well with each other. The pieces that fit together seem to be fairly large to make the picture seem bigger.
This looks to be a landscape painting of a lake accompanied by a handful of mountains. If you look in what is supposed to be the lake you will see the balance due to the reflection of the mountains. Although there is no straight centerline there is still a reflection. The space in this photo seems to work there isn't one area that doesn't have enough going on as well as an area with too much going on.
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