Perfect from afar

The creative use of perspective.

The brush strokes in this painting makes us believe the surfer is far away inside of the ocean waves, making his way out. This painting makes me feel like I'm inside the wave and looking through.
I love how creative this piece is. It links like this painting tells a story behind it because of the long road of steps. The vanishing point makes me believe there's a very long journey to the end.
Mural art is one of my favorites. The use of color is amazing using this 2-point perspective method, making the painting seem like another world through the wall.
This is another 2-point perspective piece. I love stairs with 2-point perspective because its awesome to see the shape sometimes pop out at you.
This is a 1-point perspective painting of a log. The use of perspective was well shown and we can vividly see the vanishing point of the yellow log.
Credits: All media
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