andreas art gallery

i chose this one because you get a big feeling of depth.
this looks like it could be very old, and looks almost like a real picture.
you get the feeling that this is a happy, beautiful and peaceful place to be.
i chose this because of the great scenery and the beautiful mountains
i like the cool design this table has and all the nice colours.
i chose this one because it gives you a feeling of a surreal experience, kinda like in a harry potter movie with the life sized swan.
this looks like a church, perhaps somewhere sacred ? i think the high roof is really cool.
i think if this were real and possible i think it would be really cool to do.
i think its really cool to see the contrast in new vs. old, with the new buildings and the old way of getting around with the horses instead of the cars.
i really like the design and colours of this wall. i think it would be really entertaining.
i think the design and colors of the building are beautiful. i really like the level of detail in the picture.
at first i thought this tobacco tin was a block of gold. i think maybe it symbolizes that tobacco is golden since at that time alot of people smoked it.
i think the big rusty thing looks like a wrench or some kind of tool.
i think the big brown cylinder looks like a hot dog or a pill of some sort.
looks like a really old piece of paper, i like how the artist made it look really old with all the rips and colors he put in.
i think it looks like a broken up whine bottle. i think the concept is very cool.
it looks like these people are running away from something . it looks like the guy on the left either dropped something important or is dodging something.
looks like a pair of guys working on something, perhaps writing a story ? it looks like there infront of some sort of cave next to some guns.
this looks like perhaps a group of soldiers giving themselves up.
this looks like a group of soldiers crossing a body of water on a bridge to go and fight in a war.