Director's Gallery: Imperial War Museums

This gallery is a selection of eleven works from the IWM Collections. They are all works which illustrate a particular dimension of war and, to make this a personal gallery, provoke an emotional response in me. Diane Lees

I chose this image because it stands as one of the most well known images of the First World War. A shared experience in war whilst normality (of a kind) in the form of a football match carries on in the background.
You can actually feel the heat of the spitting shells in this amazing painting.
Brown mud is the normal visual representation of the trenches of the First World War, here the snow gives a more vivid view of the extreme conditions experienced at the front.
I have a strong emotional response to the sense of loss of a loved one embraced by this painting. There is no mistaking its meaning of naked pain.
This incredibly surreal and beautiful work shows creativity driven by war.
I love the sense of humour in this painting of the medical inspection, a work to make you smile.
I chose this work because of its perspective, the beauty of the machinery and its capture of the cramped working conditions.
This evokes a real war time spirit for me, organised and disorganised at the same time!
A sunny warm day with the sea and the town, a great holiday spot. The Gun looks alien and threatening reminding us of things that can destroy any idyll.
I am fascinated by the ingenuity created by war. This picture just had to be in my gallery.
I chose this painting because I love the work of Knight, but also nothing illustrates more the consequences of war.
Credits: All media
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