Zeus and Jupiter The THUNDER-BEARERS

My art gallery consist of depositions of Zeus and Jupiter in some sort of action. The mediums used were bronze, marble, Ink pen and paper, Silver, lead as well as engraving in stone tablets.

This Statuette is cast in Bronze it is of Zeus throwing his thunderbolt. it uses movement to give the appearance that zeus is getting ready to throw his bolt. Everything is in proportion to an actual human
This Marble statuette is of zeus sitting in his throne waving. The artist used Movement and proportion to make it seem like his robes are flowing as he waves.
This drawing was done with and ink pen and paper. it depicts Zeus defeating the giants and knocking them all over. the artist used movement to show the giants falling with what looks almost like swoosh marks.
A statue of Jupiter carved out of marble. I believe that he is waving and the artist captured that with the movement of his arm. He also used texture to make his robes appear to be wrinkling up.
A Bronze Statuette of Jupiter. It shows him holding up his lightning bolt ready to strike down. The artist used texture to show his robes flowing as he moves.
A silver statuette of Jupiter. it looks like he is either waving or he is leaning up against a wall with both of his arms broke off it is hard to tell. the artist used proportion there is nothing to big or of from an actual human being.
A engraving of jupiter sitting in his thrown holding up his lightning bolt with an eagle by his side. The artist used movement to show him ready to throw his bolt.
An Engraving of Jupiter after a battle defeating his enemies. The Artist used lines to show the enemy behind Jupiter and him walking away. Jupiter is also looking back almost looking like he is taking pity on his enemy
Another Engraving of Jupiter this one showing him at what looks like a harvest of some sort. There is a fish on the ground and he is holding some sort of plant but there is also a centaur pointing a arrow at him.
A lead coin depicting a "Marriage Pact" between Jupiter and Juno. The artist used movement to show them shaking hands.
Credits: All media
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