The reason why I choose this overall theme was because I am amazed with this particular flower and in the technique that was used to make this artwork.

I picked this art piece because the orchids look amazing, and the text at the top is nice.
I picked this artwork because the way the orchid was captured in that position, makes it look unique.
I picked this amazing art piece, the way the artist craved and made this orchid look so real, by using glass.
I choose this piece because I liked this artwork.
I picked these artwork because its simple but yet it's so detailed and it has a meaning in it.
I liked this art piece because the artwork it self looks so peaceful and calm. It makes you have a nice vibe when you look at it.
I like this art piece because the orchid looks so bold and strong. The lettering on the side makes the art piece look even fancy.
I love this artwork because it simply lovely, it looks so neat and pretty! Everything about it makes it absolutely amazing.
I absolutely just like everything about it. The orchid looks really nice. It looks so detailed and the lettering makes it look so nice.
I absolutely love this one, I fell in love with the landscape of the orchid.
Credits: All media
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