Color gallery

This gallery is all about colors and the volume of it. During this gallery walk take a look and notice the difference between each picture in artistic ways.

This image shows Primary Triadic colors. The three colors you see in this piece of text is equally spaced around the color wheel.
This shows secondary even though all secondary source colors aren't in this image you can still see the orange and green and tell it secondary colors.
This shows Tertiary Triadic because every color in this image is an example of it.
This shows Tetradic colors because red orange and green are what Tetradic colors are.
These two colors sits next to each other on the colors scale. So this is a good example on Analogous colors.
This shows Complementary colors not exactly but its very close to the actual colors just a little bit darker.
This shows Split-Complementary because it give variety to simple complementary colors.
This has Warm colors in it but not exactly the colors on the scale.
This shows a cool color because green is a cool colors which in the color scale green is a cooler color.
This shows Monchromaric colors because it doesn't really have color its plain and solid.
Credits: All media
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