Religious structures of the 19th century - joel hatch

This gallery showcases artwork from the 19th century of the exterior and interior of various religious structures. Some of the works commemorate ceremonies that took place, other works feature the structures against the canvas of nature while some of the pieces showcase the beauty in the design of the interior. 

This artwork features the interior of the The Benavente Chapel at Medina de Rioseco. You can see people standing and sitting in groups. The chapel is decorated with art that appears to be the stations of Christ aith the focal art work (in the artwork) being what appears to be the resurrection of Christ. Notice that the structure of the temple itself and the statues which adorn the chapel appear to be gold and grey and the only pops of color are the paint on the pictures and the garb of the visitors.
The Seville Cathedral appears to be a grand structure. Although it is painted from a side view you can make out the gothic style architecture of the building. It is painted against the blue sky as the white clouds billow by. Outside of the Cathedral people appear to be going about their daily lives. It appears to be a part of their daily lives. People are lounging on the steps of the Cathedral and you can see tables in front where people may be selling things.
The west façade of the Rouen Cathedral is featured here. Its painted in greys, blues and dark reds with brown. The sunlight appears to be shining down on the church as if it were painted at high noon on a Sunday. The brush strokes that Monet used were long as if the light was moving as he was painting.
The painting, accurately called “Sunlight and Shadow” plays on the effects that the sun has on a structure as it shines through a tree. The background structure appears to be the entrance of a church in a courtyard. Its painted to appear lifelike. As the sun cascades through the leaves various parts of the temple are illuminated and some are dark as the sunlight didn’t hit that particular spot. In the shadows you’ll notice on the steps is a lone figure. The use of light and shadow makes the courtyard appear to be a peaceful place.
Renoir depicted the Piazzo San Marco using the impressionist style for which he is famous. The painting appears to be a colorful sketch . The stroke of his brush leads you inward to the cathedral which is in the background yet the focal point. The sky is blue, the domes are gold and the people appear to be moving.
The Rouen Cathedral is featured here in sketch form. It appears to be drawn from a high point. It appears to be sketched at midday. You can see people moving about. There is no color in this picture yet you can make out that the sun on the lower half of the building is being blocked by another structure as the top of the cathedral is bright.
The Architects Dream is a very colorful painting. There are depicted several structures from different time periods and different continents. The focal point is a Grecian Palace, possibly the temple of a god. Faded into the top left corner blended into the sky you can faintly make out the top of a pyramid. In the lower right corner hidden in the shadows and amongst the trees is a small gothic style chapel. The light is shining through the stained glass windows. The painter appears to view this scene through an archway.
The interior of Milan Cathedral depicts some sort of gathering in this cathedral. The focal point is not the event, but the height of the building. The arches of the ceiling are so high that the painter couldn’t get the entire peak. The light appears to be shining from the right side of the painting illuminating various parts of the structure and people.
The North Aisle of the Norwich Cathedral is depicted here. Its painted in greys and blues with a few spots of brown. The pop of color is the maroon curtains to the right. There is much detail in the columns which adorn the sides of the walkway and all down the way. In the back of the painting far off in the distance is someone in red and white who appears to be about to make their descent down the aisle.
The height and depth of this Cathedral is showcased here. There are thousands of people depicted here. The only people detailed here are the ones at the back of the crowd yet it seems the artist has detailed each person in attendance by a dot or a colored line. There is great detail in having no details. The light again is shining through the windows illuminating certain details and of the structure and the crowd. You can almost make out the different rays of the sun. At the top of the painting through the clear windows you see the clouds in the background.
Credits: All media
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