Alex Vaccaro: My inspiration of art work, is that to get to the top you you must start from the bottom. Through the path of light there everyone faces darkness. Unfortunately, for me I had some friends who werent able to defeat their darkness/addictions, which keeps me driving forward to success in honor of them. I dont want to be successful, not only for them, but for my self as well. I think it is sad that people cannot defeat their demons and let negativity get to them. I mean, In the end it doesn't matter my path to success will be a challenge and it will be worth it.

I picked this piece because, it appeals to them. the raven is a symbol of darkness before greatness. It represents the lonely of a person in my opinion.
Building up from the raven, a mind is empty in a room. Thoughts and everything else are empty. A person doesn't know what to do with their life and this is a sign of stress. This picture symbolizes hitting rock bottom.
I picked this one, because my friend who died of drugs had a tree of life tattoo. This tree of life continues me to keep going in life and become successful.
This photo resembles a person of thinking about suicide in my opinion which makes it a great theme to darkness. The person is staring back into darkness hence calling it a bloody sunday.
Going back from 2 photos, An empty room comes with empty thoughts. These are were the thoughts are places making the picture more expandable.
I picked this picture, because it is the building of the light in darkness. It shows alittle bit of color rising out of the darkness like it looks like the person is starting to pick life back up.
Here we see a mountain other then waves, the person is reaching climax to a better life other than thinking about the ocean which picks the theme of darkness perfectly.
I picked this photo, because it looks more lively. The person is painting its thoughts on negativity and it's downward spiral. He wants to portray to people how his life felt while he was at rock bottom.
I picked this photo, because to me it resembles the beginning of a new life. This is end of the stage of depression and everything is brighter like the fruit shown. In the end, everything will be ok.
I picked this photo, because it looks more of a celebration. There are people gathered around a table passing what looks to be like a tea of some sort. It is kind of amazing what negativity and depression puts people through, it makes them stronger in the end. FIN.
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