chloe and sophia-reasons for bolshevik success in the october revolution

Main organiser of the revolution.Trotsky set up the military revolutionary committee-control of army.This meant they could take power effectively.Trotsky also persuaded Lenin to wait to take over.
After Lenin returned from exile, he introduced the 'April thesis' which was based on the ideas of 'Peace,Bread,Land' (which inspired the peoples revolution) and all power to the Soviets. Lenin demanded the Soviets agree to the seizure of power. Lenin also pressured the Bolsheviks into agreeing to the October revolution.
Stalin did not play a key role in any events that happened in 1917. He was made editor of the pravda (party newspaper) and given a seat on the executive committee of the petrograd soviet.
The weaknesses of Nicholas II also contributed to the success of the Bolsheviks. This was due to his poor leadership which angered the people and other opposing parties.
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