Between 1940 and 1998 there were some powerful photographic images of women taken in the United States of America. Capturing women in their truest form can be a difficult task as women try to always look their best. Here you will see women from all walks of life at work, at play, at their best and at their worst.

Helen Levitt, a street photographer, captured these women walking in New York. A woman carrying milk and another woman pregnant. Both women have boosted themselves up to look tougher and 'cooler.' In the background you can see the skyline receding without any buildings getting smaller. The street is relatively empty except for a large delivery truck, which is probably where the milk came from. This image is in black and white and accurately so.
Ella Watson is seen holding a mop and a broom with the United States flag hanging behind her. Ella looks dirty and tired. She is representing the minority class and the treatment they are given by the government as well as whites. She became the symbol for the pre-civil rights treatment of minorities.
Here we see, in black and white, white men with black women picketing Ford Motor Company on November 27th, 1942. The signs are clear: We Need Workers, Negro Women Want Jobs Too, etc. This photograph shows us more about the civil rights movement and how Ford Motor Company was being held accountable from their workers. Unity and value help bring our focus to the faces and the signs within this image.
Winogrand captured so many emotions in this one photograph. To the left we have the emotion of awe or curiosity. The three women in the middle look tired, and secretive. At the end there is a sense of curiosity as they look behind them off in to the distance. You are able to see many people going on about their lives behind them but they aren't the focus of this image. Legs crossed, wind blowing through their hair, they are owning their womanhood.
A concerned, yet fearless, couple walk through Central Park Zoo in New York City with their little monkeys. The woman looks uneasy but Garry captured tenacity in her eyes. She, a white woman, walks with her lover, possibly husband, who is a black man, through the streets of New York with monkeys attired in nice clothing. The woman is well dressed and looks to have money as well as the man. The focus and emphasis is on their faces. You do not see the people in the background until you look for them.
These women fiercely walk down the streets of Los Angeles and others take notice of them as they walk. There's a handicapped individual off to the left but out of the focus of the three women as they are the emphasis of this image. The child is seen either giving attention to the wheelchair bound person or the women as they stroll. They are dressed in nice clothing as oppose to the other people in this image. Proportion and value are key elements within this photograph.
Bird-woman of New York was captured in all her splendor in this black and white photograph taken in 1983. She sits, perched, on the edge of a window, presumable up high considering the refection shows that of which looks like the Chrysler Building. Head drooped, feathers dangling, she seems unhappy that she isn't in flight.
In 1986 Graciela Iturbide made friends with a group of women known as the White Fence Gang or family. Here the women are shown wearing thick makeup, tight jeans, and revealing shirts. They are posed in front of a mural of three men that are probably part of their gang. There is tagging, graffiti, in one of the man's hats. There is symmetry within this image with the wall behind them.
In 1990 this image was captured of working class citizens. A woman stands at the forefront with a blank face. Standing next to her is a man with the same blank expression. You are able to see that this couple is the focus based off of their value being lighter than the others around and behind them. One would assume this woman is either a farmer or works in the factories based off of her wrinkled skin. Capturing this lack of emotion in an image must mean that they were with the others for a meeting or protest of sorts.
Two brown haired women pose with a man wearing a bandana around his head. One woman poses with her left breast in full focus while the other hides behind her hair also attempting to show her breasts but is hidden. The woman on the left stares forward with pleasure, as if she is saying "this is my body!" The man stares into the lens, in happiness to be surrounded by such strong women while wearing a Marlboro t-shirt. You are able to see that there is more going on in the background but that is not meant to be seen.
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