Serving a masterpiece

This gallery includes masterpieces from Islamic Art. These dishes of art are considered used for items that can be places in your home as house decor. 

This Mosque Lamp was created in the late 14th century. This lamp is decorated with with a painting involving the colors blue, gold, red, brown, green and yellow. The lamp can be mistaken for a cup or vase in some cases.
This pitcher is called the Ewer with Cut Decoration. It was created between 900 AD - 1000 AD, and is now inside of The Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar. This pitches has carving on the outside of the canvas.
This Inlaid Gold Cup is very different and unique. The cup has a small base that then comes up and opens bigger like a upside down umbrella. The cup has a nice design carved into the gold around the cup.
This coffee cup-holder was made Switzerland for the Ottoman luxury-goods market. This cup-holders is for jeweller’s craft and the patron’s wealth. The rubies on the holder state a patron of considerable means and states that the piece must have been made for order. The sheer indicates that the patron had money to spend. The Ottomans tended to drink coffee out this cup holder. As the vessels would get extremely hot once the coffee was poured into it.
This dish shows imagery as soon as you connect with it. This dish shows a mythical creature known as a qilin set against a mountain backdrop. This Ottoman design has became the fantastical animal into this blue an black spotted leopard.
This dish shows imagery within the dish of a elephant with brown spots. The elephant covers up the entire center of the plate with a covering over top the middle of his body. On top of the cover and elephant is a face with a cover over everything but eyes.
This Silver Lobed Bowl is shaped very unusual that comes from re-Islamic Persian prototypes. This bowl has images within each panes, one has the animals dragon’s body with a long serpentine next, but with a bearded human face. Each panel has a different image inside telling a different story.
This beautiful cup was made for “normal purposes” created by a royal military slave by the name of Badr al-Din Sanjar. It later converted into a vessel with magical properties. This cup has benefits within it, and dissolves poisons and stings, and labour pains.
This water bottles is oddly created with a big base and a sharp thin top. The water bottle vase has red, blue and green flowers on it with a few vain designs across it. The base color of grey is a nice background to bring out the painting in the piece.
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