The art of symmetry.

How the world has been changed by a imaginary line.

The coolest Castle I have seen in a long time. And how perfectly symmetrical it is.
I think the mayains were so amazing in the way they showed Symmetry, the wonders and how they could of came to create these wonderful wall and structures.
The use of symmetry to create a illusion is amazing.
Two huge reasons why I love this painting. One it's called "The Isle of the Dead" and seconded just look at the perfect symmetry.
The reason I picked this is because of the wonderful Symmetry and also because of the ocean in the back ground.
The blend and mix of two of my favorite things. Food and symmetry. The artiest has beautiful ways to show the wonders of both.
This picture has wonderful Symmetry and also it portrays the ocean as if you were actually there and standing there. The art is flawless and wonderful.
This rotating disk show epic looking symmetry and also has mechanics to move it. What could be cooler than that?
The building is only a model of one but the amazing shape of this building would of been fun to live in.
The Koryu Kagemistsu does not look symmetrical but if you have ever seen it up close the wonders of the blade it's self can even wonder you.
"The Cathedral" is a wonderful representation of symmetry if you look at it in the right way.
The drawling of the "Daily Drawling" look so amazing in the way it shows symmetry and also in the way and the time it would of token to make this drawling.
The clothing were even symmetrical. Also very beautiful.
I think this building was amazing because how Koh, Myung Keun used symmetry to create a illusion.
This shows that there is even a dark side to religion.
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