This gallery is all about the sky. This includes things like clouds, rainbows, and the moon and lots more. I chose this theme for my gallery because i thought it would have a lot of diversity and variety in the styles of artworks e.g some can be modern photographs and others may be very old artworks. I also chose this theme because there are a lot of different techniques used in the artworks e.g different filters for photographs and different brush techniques for the paintings. All of the works in my gallery have some sort of aspect of the sky. My favourite artwork will have to be the Sun Moon and lake by Tan Swie Hian because I like the contrast between the greys and the bright yellow. In some of the artworks, you will see some land. This helps you compare the sky to the land and how they are different e.g colours and textures. I think making the sky my theme for this gallery will make it very appealing to an all ages audience as it has a variety of artworks with different styles fit for any type of person. All of these artworks use similar colours and similar textures but very different styles and types of artworks. The colours used in this gallery are mostly blues, whites and greys, with the occasional pale yellow, these colours are common within artworks of the sky as it captures what a real sky looks like. 

This is the structural frame. This is because you are able to visualise how the artist created the work (with small brush strokes and blending) by the texture and colours.
This is the post modern frame because it is painted to look as though it is a photograph in high definition which is not evident in more traditional artworks.
This is the subjective frame because it is titled "above the clouds". This gives the artists view of what she remembers of what it looks like above the clouds. She may feel above the world
This is the cultural frame. This is because at the time it was made, it brought a more contemporary vibe than the other traditional artworks at the time.
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