alfredo neri


this art work is really nice it had some lines around it and is really smooth this also has value on it.
this ceramics art works looks very old but also it has a lot of different weird places also the color for this art work is darkish brown, also it has path line between two points.
this ceramic figure was made in 1500 by the Bohemia it seem like they wanted to show a little of story in this figure, along with it there is texture.
this ceramic par-shaped rattle is one of the first ceramics art work that they made for the different lines, the color that this art work as is dark brown and you can see harmony on it.
I'm not sure if this is a ceramics art work but it looks like when the people was trying to make this they were using works made in the clay but if it is this work is rhythm.
this art work is one of those that are really weir and the different color on it seem like they were trying to mix two different color on it you can also see reflected light.
this little wine pot has a lot different colors like white and different figures like the tree in the middle with it there is also movement.
this vase with pomegranates and magpies in Fancia, has different color on it like red white green brown and it also looks like one of variety on it.
this little teapot was made is 1907, what makes this art work different is that people start using different idea from it. it also has a light brown color and this little pot has pattern.
this vase is one of the weirdest one for the different places that it has. also with he color their is like a lot off different color like black brown gold color and the story face one it, the proportion can be on it too.
this vase is one of the famous one because it tells the story if the attic and the Greeks about the colors in the art work i would say black and yellow orange along with it also has value on it cause it has lightness and darkness.
this teapot is one of the most fancies ones because in the back of it said most of the story in Hong Kong this great teapot has a lot of balance on each side of it.
this art work as meaning to the people around the pacific coast the Zoomorphous the color of this article would be brown but it doesn't see like they put color on it, i also has emphasis cause the face is standing out a lot.
this art work is one of the most weirdest and awesomeness, it also has 2d dimensional areas that are plat.
this art work has different color and different going on around it different colors that it has would be red, blue, orange, black and mixing colors, along with it this art work has emphasis.
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