Post-Impressionist paintings often feel that you are viewing the light (or lack thereof) on a scene instead of a detailed image.  These scenic paintings have different brush strokes that give them their own personality. Some Post-Impressionist paintings do have a great amount of detail. I enjoy this style of art because it has the light capturing principals of impressionist, but in an updated and seemingly more "realized" way.

The Pink Peach Tree by Vincent van Gogh is shows a peach tree in bloom at the beginning of spring. This painting uses a lot of colors that almost make it feel cold in my opinion. It makes me think of the frost in spring in Ohio, where I’m from.
Garden at Aries by Vincent van Gogh is a colorful scene of a garden, live with greens and colored blossoms. The Garden is lush and bushy but organized in rows with a walking path that forms intersecting lines. I am not able to tell what each plant is, due to the nature of the thick brush strokes, but I find that more interesting.
Rain by Vincent van Gogh shows countryside during a gray downpour. The feeling I get is melancholy, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It is pensive, and beautiful in it’s own way. The box shapes that are in the landscape give it structure and the use of intersecting lines is used once again.
Van Gogh’s Starry Night is a very popular painting. It captures the stars glowing bright and wide, the colors of the town and ship’s lights are almost the same shade of yellow. Lights from the ships cascade across the water in long lines draping the lower-middle third in vertical beams of yellow. This painting balances yellows evenly throughout the blue and blacks of the scenery.
Van Gogh’s Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere is a wide clear view of countryside with a garden in the foreground with red and orange blossoms. The open fields go on for acres. Three groups of trees form a line down the center Rectangles of different textures break up the rolling plains. The turquoise sky compliments the greens that make up most of the painting.
Camille Pissarro’s Boulevard Montmartre, Morning, Cloudy Weather Shows a busy street with citizens lining the sidewalks and horse and carriages travel up and down the streets. The tone of the colors fits well with the feeling of morning. The sight line disappears down the street into a bluish wash reminiscent of morning fog/mist.
Camille Pissarro’s Peasant’s houses, Ergany shows a small cottage fenced in by hedges of lush greens. Pillow –like clouds float in the sky above the scene. An object of interest in the painting is a rectangular shadow cast by something behind the viewer. Perhaps this is a shadow of the easel used to paint the painting.
Landscape near Pont-Aven by Gauguin is a scenic view of open grasslands detailed by small trees, property walls and cacti. Gray skies give a quiet and cool atmosphere. This seems to be an interpretation of the evening setting in across the plains. I feel that this would be a peaceful place to visit.
Van Gogh’s Landscape from Saint-Remy shows fields and small cottages along rolling hills. The sky is twilight blue with a large body of wispy, swirling, clouds. The grass in the foreground has greens, yellows, and oranges bends and swirls in different directions indicating the wind is wiping in different directions.
Landscape from Bretagne by Gauguin exhibits the golden glow of the rising sun cutting through blue skies. The golden sunlight reflects across the trees and mountain ranges creating warmth in the image. The lines of this painting are generally horizontal like the horizon, the line where the grass fields start, the line of the hill in the foreground and the branches in the near field.
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