seascapes gallery

the detail on the buildings caught my eye
i liked the oily style used to paint the sea
the colours used for the sky iare very realistic and i like the clearness of the picture
the style made the reflections made the painting look more real
the detail and the smoke give the painting an exiting feel
i liked this one because of the depth in the detail
this has a very sad and desperate feel to it
it is a sad looking painting with lots of detail
it made me feel lucky to have warm weather and the style on the ice is great
this painting has a mysterious and hazy feel to it
it has an excting feel and the background is really good
i chose this painting beacause it is full of detail and peace on the water
the darkness caught my eye and made me look closer at the painting
the picture is beautiful and full of detail
this one is a good peaceful painting with lots of water and boats
this is a very bright painting
there are lots of boats in this one and the rays of the sun were good
i liked the swirly style in the clouds and sea
this one links to my thems because of the lanscape style and it has a boat in it.
the people have been painted beautifly
i admire the way the sea is painted and how it fitted perfectly with my theme
the small details make it look like a photo
this one had an older style used to paint the people and fitted with my theme
the pictures detail is amzing and beautiful and the clouds are painted really well
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