Elements of ARt

This is an example of LINE. The lines are not continuous, and there are a few implied. There is one or two vertical lines. My attention is more spread out rather than focused on one specific point.
This is an example of SHAPE. It is complex, because it has both curvy and straight lines, also it's made up of many different types of lines.
This is an example of VALUE. It is a 3D picture and I think it looks very realistic from the shading cast from the people.
This is an example of Form/Volume. I can tell it has a large density. The volume and shape of the object creates realism. It also makes it look 3D.
This is an example of TEXTURE. It seems to have a realistic look and a rough, bumpy surface. Some of it looks a little bit rougher than others.
This is an example of SPACE. There is a lot of negative space, and there is not much overlapping. It looks shallow, with no background or depth.
This is an example of COLOR. There is red, yellow, brown, grey, etc. The color doesn't correspond much to nature. There is a lot of orange, but overall it's a dull picture.
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