Art Elements

By: Alyssa Marzullo

"Relief with tree" is the element of texture because you can pretty much know what it will feel like by looking at it. I think that it will feel smooth, tough and hard-like.
Bullfing in a Divided Ring has the element of value because if you look closely at the drawing you would be able to see that the bull and the people describe the darkness and the lightness of objects.
The Water Bird-Shaped Haniwa is the element of form because it has the height, width and depth of a regular bird.
Woman with a Parasol- Madame Monet and Her Son is the element of Color because color is derived from reflected like and it has three properties: hue, value and intensity which this art contains.
The Line in Front of the Butcher's Shop is the element of line because this art contains different qualities which include thick, thin, long, short, diagonal, curving, and etc. which line has.
Ciel-Terre contains the element of shape because this art has the a 2-D area of a shape. The shape that this art refers to is a circle. This more specifically refers to a Geometric Shape.
Two Tiles with continuous floral pattern has the element of space because it has positive and negative space and it refers to the emptiness or area between, around, above, below, or within objects.
Credits: All media
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