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Press Play is a publishing company established in 2015. The press takes a new spin on old classics written by historians, philosophers, and scientists. Travel back in time to find a deeper satisfaction out of life in relationships, jobs, outlooks, and more. The older the books, the wiser the advice. Press Play on this catalog, and Press Play on your life. 

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Marry Wollstonecraft Just say “No!” In this classic work, Wollstonecraft shares romantic advice for young women who are stuck in their relationships. Don’t be pressured to listen to your husband or boyfriend if you are feeling uncomfortable with the things he wants you to do. She encourages you to recognize your self as a moral being in your relationship. Every woman is an equal with her partner, and should never be treated as anything less, let alone a tyrant or a seducer. The power of beauty and sexuality is something that demeans and enslaves women. Break through this role by striving to meet your significant other at the same level, and do not sell yourself short. Wollstonecraft reminds you that “It is vain to expect virtue from women till they are in some degree independent of men.”  You are worth having someone who appreciates you for you; not for your body. And remember, you have the power to just say “No!” “I have always been that girlfriend that lets my boyfriends walk all over me. Reading this book showed me that I can take a stand for myself by ‘Just Saying No!’ Who knows, I may even write a song about it." –Taylor Swift
The Nature of Things by Lucretius Married Men of the World: What happened to you? Since when did your life become all about what your wife wants? Do you remember how you used to be when you were in college? When you partied ‘till the sun came up, drank until you dropped, and was not tied down by anyone—especially a relationship? Don’t you miss that guy? Now is your change to save yourself. Stop settling in your relationships and start living! You will never be satisfied by one woman, so don’t settle in your marriage. In The Nature of Things, Lucretius will show you that falling in love is pointless because one object of desire is not going to save you. Humans are not built to be satisfied by one thing, or one person. You will only set yourself up for worry, failure, and disappointment. Take control of your love life by being self-sufficient, as he says, “The way to be the wealthiest of men is to eschew high living, and be contented in the mind." His advice holds true for any man in any relationship at any time. Unlike your relationships, these words of wisdom are timeless. “…I couldn’t be in a long-term relationship, and I thought I was the problem. With the help of Lucretius, I realized that humans aren’t meant to hold onto relationships. My life is changed, and yours could be too!” –Flo Rida
Utopia by Thomas More Have you ever wished you were perfect? If you answered “No” to that question, then you are lying to yourself. Now, for the rest of us, imagining perfection is more accessible with More’s Utopia, as it shows us the closest thing to a perfect world that we have today. But perfect may not always be what it seems… This book will show you that the most perfect world still has its imperfections, and if a fictional world that is supposed to be perfect is not flawless, then no one can expect you to be either. Stop comparing yourself to others and start being the best you that you can be. There is no one else in the world like you, so embrace who you are and show it off. Just like More says, “Nobody owns anything but everyone is rich - for what greater wealth can there be than cheerfulness, peace of mind, and freedom from anxiety?” Learn strategies to: • Work with others, instead of against them • Become involved in your future • Make good decisions that not only affect you, but everyone around you • Eliminate the word ‘perfection’ from your vocabulary (because there is no such thing as perfect) • Reduce worries from things you cannot control • Find yourself and become a better you The communal lifestyle may not be for everyone, but the lessons learned from this are the ones that count, and could change your future for the better. “How I survive before reading this book is a mystery, unlike the way I’ve lived after reading it…” –Justin Timberlake
The Age of Empathy by Frans De Waal Do you wonder what others think about you? Are you constantly feeling sorry for yourself? If so, stop wallowing in self-pity and start doing something to change your outlook on human nature now! Let Frans De Waal take you through a journey of self discovery and reflection in a discussion of human nature. Stop seeing yourself through the lenses of others, and “don’t believe anyone who says that since nature is based on a struggle for life, we need to live like this as well.” This book will: • Show you how to think about yourself differently • Let you visualize your goals in a new light • Find happiness with yourself and others • See yourself, not in the mirror of individualism, but with others • Stop competing with others, and help you work together to become something greater • Become positive about human nature and be accepting of who you are You are important, smart, talented, and worth it! It's about time to do yourself a favor by, not just reading, but incorporating these skills into your life. Your future is in your hands—in this book! “I am so happy I picked up this book…it changed the way I look at myself- in the mirror and in life!” –Kim Kardashian
The Communist Manifesto by Marx “Workingmen of all countries unite!”  Are you a working man or woman? Then this book is for you! In this archetypal pamphlet, Marx discusses how to prosper in your job, and raises consciousness about your working condition. What condition, you may ask? The situation that you are in: you work but you are not making money; you are making wages. The capitalists are making the money and benefiting from your work. You cannot win this game because it is fixed, but recognizing the problem is the first step to finding a solution. Other books only show you that economic forms and social relations are subject to change, and therefore consciousness can change, too. However, this is illusionary happiness – thinking you’ll be redeemed when you are dead – and this new take on a classic will demonstrate to you that you will not need this illusion anymore (as shown by the optical illusion on the cover) when you recognize the conditions that hold you back from living well in this world, and learn how to change them. “I learned so much about myself and the working world… It was so unexpected, but exactly what I needed.” –Nick Jonas
Working by Studs Terkel As humans, having a job is not only something we have to do, but something that helps us survive in many ways, including the money we generate by working to buy things, having something to place our energy towards, and putting our minds to use. Without work, our society could not function, and neither could our bodies. Why, then, has working received a negative connotation, and the only thing people look forward to when they get their first job, is the day they retire? It could be because people lack personal satisfaction in their job, and this thing that is natural and free about us has become a source of unhappiness. Or it could be that humans are no longer themselves when they work. If you are experiencing these same negative feelings about working, you are not alone. In this book, Terkel interviews hundreds of people from all kinds of working conditions and you will find that someone has it worse than you do. However, by reading this book, you will see that some people have had enough with this cycle of unhappiness, and found other work that is more suitable for them. Take Fred Ringley, for example. He took his family from his “American Dream Life” in Illinois to rural Arkansas and had a fresh start as a farmer. He says, “I feel healthier than I’ve ever felt in my life.” You can, too! If the American Dream isn’t what it’s stacked up to be, there is nothing wrong with trying something new. Stop becoming a tool of your tools, and start becoming the artist and master of them. “Although I didn’t move to a new city like some of the people in this book, I did find a new job that makes me happier than I ever thought I could be… and it’s all because of this book!” -Taryn Rose, former surgical resident, current shoe designer, CEO
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