Renaissance Perspective

Nave-the central part of a church building. Vestments-a robe worn by clergy. Organ(not in anatomy sense)-a large musical instrument similar to a piano having long pipes runnung above it. altar- The table in a church in which bread and wine are consecrated. Priest-an ordained minister of a church having authority to perform certain rites and administer sacraments.
Plaza- a public square or shopping center. Inscription- a word carved in or inscribed, usually on a monument or a book. Cityscape-the visual appearance of a city or urban area.
Tempera- a method of painting with pigments dispersed in an emulsion miscible with water. Pulpit- a raised platform in a church where the preacher delivers a sermon. Facade-the face of a building. Botany-the scientific study of plants. Crucifix- Representation of Jesus on a cross.
Granada-a community in Andalusia, Spain Cathedral-the principle church of a diocese. Naples-Capital if the Italian region of Compania. Burgos-A city in spain with a gothic cathedral. Architextural-of the practice of constructing or designing buildings.
Intarsia- a form of marquetry using inlays in wood. Variants- a form that differs from other forms of the same thing. Apprenticed-employ someone as an apprentice. Versatility-capability to turn easily from task to task. Poplar-a small fast growing tree in temperate reasons.
Exemplifies- is a typical example of.- Commemeration- Remembrance Cornucopia-a symbol of plenty consisting a goat horn with flowers. Urbino-A walled city in the marche of Italy. Classicizing-imitating a classical style.
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