Civil Rights Era

This is a meeting of a lot of people after one of the Birmingham bombings. The people are all looking to the right of the screen as if they are looking at someone making a speech about the bombings.
This is a little instruction manual of how the March on Washington was going to go down. Every single person in the march was going to end up at the Washington monument.
There were many marches like this one. People would peacefully march through the streets to protest against an array of things such as desegregating school, fair jobs, etc.
This was a button of one of the people that obviously supported MLK. MLKs big thing was that all of this protesting could be done in a peaceful way without promoting any sort of violence among the protestors.
This is a model of the bus where Rosa Parks had her famous scene. She refused to get out of her seat for a white man which resulted in her getting arrested.
This was a nonviolent picket in front of Knolls House which would only let white customers in. The lady in the front is doing a play on words from the quote, "The customer is always right!"
This is another picket protest. It is about fair housing and fair job hiring.
This picket protest was about desegregating schools. This was one of the biggest problems because the conditions for the black schools were far worse than of the white schools.
I'm guessing that this was after some type of bombing. After it happened, I'm sure there were some violent riots because there is a cop or man with a helmet.
This is a meeting between MLK, LBJ, and another man. King liked these kind of meetings because no violence came from them.
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