Warriors around the world - Ty traylor

This gallery is focused on artworks that portray warriors from different areas in the world at different times. Throughout this gallery there are a multitude of mediums including paintings, sculptures, statues, and prints. Accompanying each painting is a detailed but brief explanation as to why I chose each piece and how they reflect the theme of warriors.

I chose this painting because when it comes to warriors, I believe native americans are one of the most exemplary races. Though he is not portrayed in battle you can feel the warriors presence.
I chose this photo because in native american culture. The warriors were also responsible for hunting for the tribe. I also chose this painting for how real the portrayal is of how a moose hunt may occur in which the men would work as a team to capture prey even in the water.
I chose this painting because of it portrayal of the famous Buffalo hunts that the native americans would embark on. I believe you have to be a warrior to even attempt to take on the beasts of the plains.
I chose this piece because I wanted to have different mediums for the portrayal of warriors other than just paint. As well you can seethe muscular definition in both the horse and man giving them both a powerful presence.
I chose this vase because when it comes to the subject of warriors, the romans and the greeks may be the first to appear in ones mind and rightfully so. Again this is another medium in portraying warriors.
I chose this sculpture because it is not idealized as far as all warriors being invincible and triumphant, but the reality that warriors do fall, and they may not always prevail.
I chose this piece because of the conflict that is present. The man vs. nature conflict, that is very real, especially during the time in which the piece is portrayed. As well I love the definition in each character of this piece.
I chose this piece because because of the power that this character imposes on the painting. He seems larger that life and almost celestial or divine because of the the all white outfit. Which also kind of leads me to believe this may be a god or spirit of some sort.
I chose this print because when it comes to the theme of warriors, the Japanese are probably the most disciplined of them all. I also chose this to show warriors through the medium of print.
I chose this Japanese print because of the savagery portrayed here. Not that I think savagery is a bad thing, to be honest I think we all need to indulge ourselves in a little savagery and now and again. Anyway, I like this print because to me it represents both the theoretical and sometimes literal thirst for blood.
Credits: All media
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