Simple Joys in Life

Simple Joys in Life are things that do not need to be complex and huge to bring joy to someone. Things we are surrounded by everyday, that we might not even know bring us joy.

We all love food. Simple as that, it is all around us. I believe not everyone understand how good food is. How grateful we all are to have food at our fingertips. Food is a simple joy in the world that many people forgot about.
Nature is in my mind on of the most magical things in the world. It is so complex and simple all at the same time. People forgot the beauty of it. They complain that its to hot or to cold but in all reality it is a beautiful and we should be grateful for it.
This picture is a collage in my mind of simple things in the world that bring joy to many. The alarm clock is helpful to millions of people in the morning. The fan is a elegant thing that in many cultures is a sign of beauty. Overall this picture shows simply things in the world, that bring joy to many.
Family. It is something we get sick or but love more and more with every new day. I believe many take for granted the wonderful blessing we all have to be surrounded with loving families. Its a simple joy in the world that brings so much happiness to all. i personally believe this is the simplest joy of all because everyone has a family.
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