Childhood memories

These pieces all describe and show innocence in my mind in one way or another. Each piece is different from the next and most show this innocence in completely different ways. 

In this picture, the petals blissfully float by the world. They are beautiful, untouched, pure, and white as snow. They float on through terrible and amazing places, watching the world go by, like a child watching in a stroller or on a bench.
To me, having innocence is a kind of freedom. A freedom to be young even if you are not, and the freedom to be able to not be harmed or faltered by the outside world, the freedom to be a kid again. This painting to me is a true capture of freedom.
To me, innocence can come on large scales, like the painting before, or in the tiniest of things. These rabbits are a perfect example. These mostly harmless bunnies would not hurt a fly. They perfectly embody a kind of child-like innocence.
My entire life, I have grown up loving the stars and space and the night. In my eyes, on nights where the stars and moon shines bright, nothing can happen and no harm can come to me or my family. This also happens to be a painting that has had a big part in my childhood, reminding me more of my own innocence.
This piece shows innocence by the contrast. A beautiful young girl, untouched or corrupted by the world yet, painted on an old, rusting, beat-up metal building. She is pure and true, her beauty shining through the unwanted and ugly. She is oblivious to the world around her as she teeters in between life and death on the waterfall, just staring at her own reflection, thinking.
These girls are both innocent and pure. Safe in the world around them surrounded by wheat, they dance, play, and love each other. They have no worries or cares holding them down, wandering, exploring, and just living.
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