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 This gallery includes representation of Asian Art, Tasmania, and American of waterfalls with mediums of paintings, ink, color woodblock print, and oil. The movement of the waterfalls are rough but can be relaxing. 

Waterfall in the Mountains of Izu Province also known as Izu no sanchu depicts a volcano in the background. There is a river that is flowing through the mountains which eventually turns into a waterfall. The movement going on in this painting shows the river going downstream as it goes into a waterfall. The colors used is what a natural river in a forest would be like.
Green Maple and Waterfall depicts a huge waterfall with an elegant flow of water at the bottom of the waterfall. There is a huge black rock in the middle of the painting indicating that it has reach the bottom of the waterfall. A maple tree branch has been incorporated across the painting a fresh and rich sentiment to the scene. The movement of this painting creates an illusion of the flow of the water smooth yet appealing to the eye on how dangerous the bottom of the waterfall can be. The colors used are light and give it a relaxing scheme.
Waterfall at Aoigaoka in Edo depicts a small waterfall with a lake/river area. As you can see at the bottom of the painting, a man is using a carrying pole to put water in those buckets. The movement of the painting is showing it going down hill along with the waterfall falling down into the lake area. The colors in this painting is giving lightens up the visual and uses different shades of green and blue.
Mt Fuji and Shiraito Falls depicts Mt. Fuji, a famous mountain that is located in Japan, with Shiraito Falls below it. There are several small waterfalls in Shiraito Falls that is shown in this painting. The trees in the center are dividing the painting to show Mt. Fuji and Shiraito Falls horizontally. The movement of the waterfalls is straight or slowly flows in a curve down into the large lake at the bottom. The colors are showing the shades and tints with a small hint of olive green that gives it a dark vibe.
Nachi Waterfall in the Moonlight depicts a waterfall at the bottom of the painting under the moonlight. This waterfall use to be embraced in religious reverence. It shows the waterfall starts but not end. The colors gives it a relax and quiet feel of the night under a full moon. Movement of the waterfall is going straight down.
One Hundred Famous Views of Edo “udo Waterfall in Oji” depicts a huge waterfall that has a small lake area where a man is bathing in. There are two women in yukatas looking at the waterfall. A old women is bring the man a plate of food in front of the scenery. The movement of this painting is going straight down from the waterfall to the detailing of the rock wall behind the waterfall. The colors works well together giving it a bold and organic scheme.
Roben Waterfall in the Soshu Mountains depicts a waterfall that has several men are taking a ritual bath at the bottom of the waterfall before they are allowed to enter a shrine. The colors being used is warm but bright. Having the dark colors to represent the human and tree. As the bright colors represent the landscape of this imagery. The movement of the waterfall is going straight down and as it hits the bottom, it moves left and right showing the flow of the water.
Traveling Painting Album of Songdo depicts a waterfall with a temple next to the small body of the water at the bottoms of the waterfall. The movement of this painting specifies a rough white pathway that is going up the mountain from the temple. The color is dull showing darks and light with a hint of blue in the water.
American Falls of Niagara from Goat Island depicts a view from the top of Niagara Falls and around it. As the sunlight is being reflected of the waterfall creating a rainbow. The movement of the waterfall is heavy and bold going downstream into a huge pool of water at the bottom. The color of the falls is bright and the rainbow giving an emphasis on the picture. The color of the leaves on the tree is representing the season of fall.
Bush landscape with waterfall and an aborigine stalking native animals, New South Wales depicts wild animals enjoying the view of the astonishing waterfall in the background. The is a man with a spear ready to attack these animals as they are not alert. The color in this painting are dark and ominous. It represents the season of fall but is shown that everything is slowly dying out and old but the light blue in waterfall gives it some light. The movement in the waterfall is going downstream towards the animals for them to enjoy.
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