In this piece there is a lot of curvilinear shape, the whole body if the women out of curvilinear shape. The box that the women is staying on is a geometric shape.
This whole piece is made of geometric shapes, this is many of them the whole piece is geometric shapes coming together and forming one.
there is a lot of geometric shapes in this piece but there is also some curvilinear shapes hidden in there.
There is many curvilinear shapes in this piece, if you look at the trees you will see all the curvilinear shapes in the trees.
In this piece there in many curvilinear shapes and about one or two rectilinear shapes.
In this piece there are 3 different types of shapes, rectilinear,curvilinear, and also geometric shapes.
This piece has mostly geometric and rectilinear shapes.
This piece has many geometric shapes in the negative space and curvilinear shapes in the positive space.
This piece is my favorite piece, it has many curvilinear shapes and geometric shapes.
In this piece there is a lot of curvilinear shapes especially on the edges of the positive shape. For the smoke the person is blowing out he used nonobjectives shapes. For the designs of on the shirt the artist is using geometric lines.
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