Ip,Masahiro 8C


From a great distance, the skeleton looked really realistic. The shading is realistic, the problem is the background is black so I don't know where hte light is coming from.
The boats catch my eye, the strokes that Van Gogh did were very nice, making the waves very realistic. The impressionism of this painting
I love the depth of this artwork, and from anywhere I see this, it looks realistic because of the shading in the buildings. Dislikes are the clouds.
This painting is somewhat different than Piazza Sna Marco and Piazza Navona, because of the sky has more of a grey-ish color and doesn't have too much depth than the Piazzas. It also has more of a dark feeling to it, as it is more grey and the church seems lonely.
The same perspectives as the church and Piazza Navona. The shading in the buildings and depth of the painting is great. The clouds are more realistic than Piazza Navona, but to me I find Piazza Navona the best except for the clouds.
Credits: All media
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