perspective of Asian artwork

I am really into asian art but mostly the different type of landscape art 

I really enjoy the color and view the art gives in this work
This my first time seeing a snow scenery in these types of work and I just can't help but look at how amazing this work is. I can see how the artist has put so much detail into the snowy landscape
What i enjoy most of this art is it may seem like a single type of color but yet there are much more colors. What I also enjoy of this artwork is the fact you can see peoples in there building.
Again the detail put into this work amazes me. I zoomed into the left side of the art and saw a building with furniture inside, such amazing detail.
What I like most is the how the bird looks the landscape is beautiful but the bird catches my eyes
never noticed that there were different styles they almost looked the same but you can see the difference in style
the Wang Meng style looks darker in shading and just as detailed as many other styles.
I find this art work very unique for the fact that everything is dark and beautiful. Makes me feel like I'm really there night.
Credits: All media
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