Art criticism thing b.d.

This work uses continuous and imlied lines as it has lines coming in from one end and exiting out another, implying that the line is there, and continuous. It also uses hatching and cross hatching lines to create value.
This work uses geometric shapes as well as organic shapes overlapping eachother to create many different varieties and patterns of shapes.
This work uses value to show different areas of light and reflection to represent a realistic area and realistic light representation.
This work uses form to show a non-objective object and make it appear three dimensional
This work uses texture to give the viewer a feel of how the object in the artwork would feel, as it appears rough.
This work uses space to make it appear as if the viewer could step into the artwork, by making objects smaller as they get closer to the background.
This artwork has a basic use of primary colors as well as blending the colors to create different shades and values of colors simply from the primary colors.
Credits: All media
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