Bringing strings to the canvas

This gallery shows different representations of guitars with the focus being on how the artist draws the viewers’ attention to the guitar or guitarist. Artists use lines, symmetry, placement, lighting, and color and other elements to make the guitar or guitarist the focal point of the painting. The only medium used in this gallery is paint. 

The Guitarist is a painting of a man playing guitar in darkness. Gomez uses many elements to make the guitarist stand out. One element he uses is contrast. The blackness in the background really gives the viewer no choice but to look at the man playing the guitar. But he also uses blurred lines to make it look like the man playing is moving and possible dancing while playing.
Violin and Guitar was painted by Juan Gris in 1913. It depicts a violin that appears to be combined with a guitar. Gris uses abstractionism in this painting with all of the different rectangles of colors. The lines in this painting leads the viewers eyes to the middle of the painting which directs their attention right to the guitar.
Education by Singing with the Two String Guitar depicts an older man playing guitar for a group of people in a circle around him. The attention is drawn to the man playing the guitar because he is placed in the middle of the painting. There is a balance in the painting that brings the attention to the middle where the man is playing guitar.
Boy with a Guitar shows a boy playing a guitar and it looks like he is singing a song while playing. Bancila uses movement in his painting to bring the attention to the boy. The lines and placement of certain objects make it appear as if the boy is moving. The soft, flowing lines make it appear as if he is really moving back and forth like he’s moving while singing. Also the placement of his scarf in the air makes it look like he’s rocking back and to the subjects right.
Use Your Illusion is a painting by Seo, Sang Ik and features a guitarist smoking and playing a guitar. The contrast in this painting is very subtle, but it brings the viewers attention right to the guitar. The bright orange on the guitar contrasts the dark clothing worn by the guitarist as well as the filing cabinets and space beneath the desk. But also, because the guitarist is wearing dark attire and is shaded, he is also contrasted with the bright wall behind him. The contrast in this painting brings the viewers attention to the guitarist.
La Femme Qui Joue de la Guitare, attributed to Michel Granier, was painted between 1793 and 1814. It shows a woman playing a guitar with a small child and an older woman in the painting as well. In this painting, lighting is used to bring attention to the woman playing guitar. It appears as if there is a heavenly light on the woman whereas the child and older woman are in the shadows.
A Company with a Guitar depicts 3 women around a table with tea. On the wall there is a guitar hanging right in the middle between the woman. Vasnetsov uses balance in this painting. The symmetry of the woman and table lead right to the middle of the painting, drawing the attention of the viewer. He also uses color to make the guitar stand out compared to the women. While most of the painting is de-saturated and lacks color, the guitar is a light brown, which also helps draw the attention to the guitar.
Woman Playing the Guitar shows a woman sitting in a chair playing the guitar. There is a blue ribbon on the guitar so it looks like she recently received it. Rouart uses color to make the woman stand out. While most of the background is dark and lacks a lot of brighter colors, the woman is wearing bright white and blue to contrast the background. This draws the attention to the woman playing.
Portrait of a Man Playing Guitar shows a man playing guitar with sheet music in front of him. Chinnery places emphasis on the guitar by contrasting the man and the guitar. The guitar is very bright and stands out compared to the almost black coat that the man is wearing.
In Guitar and Newspaper, Gris uses abstractionism that depicts a guitar sitting on a table with some newspapers under it. Gris uses geometric shapes in this painting. He also uses color to make the guitar stand out. The shapes show the size of the guitar compared to the table. The color makes the guitar stand out because the guitar contrasts the table and the newspapers and other objects appear de-saturated and makes the guitar stand out more.
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