Art Principles

Balance- On this piece of art, there is balance because if you were to split the circular shape in half, they would show that they are symmetrical on both sides (the shape of it would be the same).
Repetition- This shows repetition because they use some of the same elements over and over again through out this artwork and the circles in it are very similar with the design that it has inside.
Emphasis- This shows emphasis because the red dot in the middle of the piece grabs people's attention when they are looking at this artwork and they will start to focus in on the red dot in the middle.
Contrast- This piece of art shows contrast because the background is a beige color and the bunny stands out since it is a darker brown.
Unity- This shows unity because everything in this piece is the same throughout it all and it fits into the piece to make it into a picture that you can see when you are looking at the picture.
Proportion- This shows proportion because every object in this is the size where it looks right to the size of a person and nothing is to small or to big where it looks odd in the picture.
Variety- This shows variety because this picture has many different colors and shapes and the piece of art does not have you focusing on one part, but it has you looking at it overall.
Movement- This picture shows movement because it shows the women's shadow of here when she is in motion and it shows her in all of the positions that she goes through to move from side to side.
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